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To use this text data mining tool, enter word strings to be searched for, one word string per line, to the box on the left. Click on the Search the above word strings button to generate a report. See Example of a Generic Contract Agreement, English to English Example, Spanish to English Example, English to Spanish Example, Samples of Generated Reports. Word Patterns from some Famous Writings. A white paper on word patterns.

Source text from which the above word strings are searched for:

Two methods of entering data to the box on the left:
  1. Enter or paste text data from which the above word strings are searched. You can also insert a sentence containing a word and its definition or translation in the format "word: definition or translation." at the beginning of the text. Note that you need to append the period "." at the end of this sentence.
  2. Upload a text file.
List of words excluded as the end of a sentence:

Get definitions, synonyms, or foreign language-english translation for
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from source:
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Data Mining: extract top percent nonstop words from the text listed in the second box above

(The result is added to the top box. For large article, use small percent number.
For small article, use large percent number.)
Enter the top percent number (default 5 percent):   

Check English spelling for an article of short length (by Speller Pages).
Click to email text of short length.

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